Obesity is known to be the leading cause of natural death. More people die because of health issues caused by obesity than any other disease. Due to this issue, more doctors consider obesity as the root cause of issues like heart disease, bone fragility, cholesterol level, hypertension, and more. To address this issue, almost everyone after the age of 30 is considered overweight if they do not take good care of their body. Eventually, this rising issue of weight gain is addressed by working out, looking for a diet, and changing their lifestyle. As a recommendation, you are simply asked to eat less. The basic formula of weight loss that is shared with people is that they need to exert more calories while making sure that they are consuming fewer calories.

This balance will help them lose weight faster and they can get into shape. However, starving the body is not a good way of weight loss. When the body is starved too much, this can eventually cause major health issues and the body enters safety mode. Eventually, when you start eating normally, the body tries to store more because it has already hit the warning signs. Eventually, you will gain more weight than usual. Experts in the health department link this with serious consequences that can affect vital organs. As a result, doctors recommend healthy ways that are so much better for weight loss. These ways will help you eat better, and healthier without thinking about calories all the time.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the basics everyone needs to know about weight loss. We will look at the quick fixes, ways of measuring the standard weight, and some of the best ways weight can be maintained without closely monitoring the calorie count.

How to Know You Are Obese or Overweight?

Generally, people measure their weight, and based on the weight they claim to be obese or overview eight. However, they do not consider their eight, age, gender, and ethnicity. Eventually, they miscalculate their weight loss process. To deal with this issue, health, and fitness professionals use a very basic weight calculation method that is known as the body mass index. Through body mass index you can easily calculate if you are overweight, underweight, or if your weight falls in the normal range. People belonging to different genders with the same weight might be considered different. Let’s say a man with a weight of 50 kg but almost 6 feet in height will be considered malnourished and underweight. On the contrary, a woman of 4 feet in height with 50 kg weight will be considered a bit overweight. To resolve this issue BMI online calculators are available that will help you know if you are normal or if you need to lose weight. In case you do not have internet access or you do not want to use the calculator, you can also learn the basic BMI calculating formula.

How to Set a Weight Loss Goal?

For weight loss, after you are done calculating your BMI you need to set a goal. The goal needs to be measurable and calculable with a proper timeline so you can see if you are progressing. People who have a vague goal end up struggling with it for a long time without proper results. A good way to resolve this issue is to keep the SMART goal in mind. Smart goals mean that anything or any goal that you have in mind needs to fit the criteria of measurable, achievable, and reality-based and must fall within a timeline. For instance, if you want to lose weight you have to say that you need to lose 5 kg within 6 months. Since 6 months is a good timeline, this means that it is reality-based and achievable as well. on the contrary, if you end up saying that you want to lose 5 kg within one week or two days that is not a realistic goal. Similarly, just saying that you need to lose weight is quite unspecific so the management might be lost as well.

Some of the Harmful Ways of Weight Loss

Most people do not want to spend days in the gym they do not have time to invest in their health at all. Eventually, they end up choosing other ways including metabolism boosters, fat-melting pills, slimming teas, fat-burning machines, and appetite suppressers. All these might work for a few days but they will affect your vital organs more. Eventually, the body will have to face major issues. Experts in health and fitness believe that appetite suppressants will suppress your appetite for far too long till your body becomes anorexic. Similarly, slimming teas will cause digestive issues that can affect your vital organs, especially kidney and liver functions. The body will either have to face hormonal imbalance or the health will be destroyed completely. To avoid all these issues, it is much better to look for healthy ways to lose weight.

Best Recommended Ways of Weight Loss

Now that you understand what not to do, it’s time to know about some healthy ways you can actually lose weight without thinking about calorie counts all the time. Here are some of the basic ways that are effective and healthy so you can lose weight without any serious side effects.

  • Work out right after you wake up. It is the time when your body needs it the most and to extract energy it tries to tap into the stress fat so you will be losing weight.
  • Drink more water and stay hydrated as it will help you detox your body and fill you up so you do not feel the sudden urge to eat more.
  • Drink 2 glasses of water before you start eating. This will help you digest food better and you will not gain weight.
  • Chew your food properly, this will help you ease the digestion process.
  • Sleep for at least 8 hours as this will help you rest well, and heal better without feeling the midnight cravings.
  • Work on improving the active lifestyle rather than relying on a passive lifestyle. Take longer routes to reach the destination, walk more, and take stairs as compared to the elevator or lift.
  • Avoid using alcohol or any kind of processed fruit juice as they are high in calories and can cause you to gain weight after a while you still feel like eating more. Some fruit juices boost your appetite and this can cause you to overeat.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, anything that will make you cut a complete food portion of your diet or will tell you to stop eating entirely is harmful. Similarly, quick fixes like sliming teas or the fat-burning machine might look appealing, but you are technically killing your vitals. The best way to deal with weight gain is to simply improve your quality of life. This consists of healthy eating habits, exercising, and maintaining a good lifestyle that can help you get into shape. You need to focus more on health as compared to a flat tummy. A basic indicator of a healthy diet is skin texture, hair growth, and nail strength. These things help in indicating that your body is just doing fine and you do not need to go above and beyond just to help your body. However, if your skin is textured, your hair and falling, and your nails are turning brittle this means you are not eating enough. On the contrary, if you feel your skin is showing symptoms of roughness with acne, this means it needs a good detox and cleanse and that can be done with lifestyle change only.