We all know that flaxseeds are known for their health benefits. Studies say they contain omega 3 fats, fiber and other such healthy nutrients. But have you ever thought if there are any flax seeds benefits for hair? Yes, you read it correctly. Flaxseeds which are known as “flax” or “linseeds” are basically small oilseeds. And research proves that they are extremely beneficial for your hair health! Willing to know more about it? If yes, keep reading this article. 

Is Flaxseed Good for Your Hair Health? 

Is flaxseed good for haira question that comes to each of our minds. So, the answer is YES. It is a green flag for your hair. As said above, flaxseeds contain nutrients that can promote strong and healthy hair. Generally, these nutrients act together and nourish one’s hair follicles. This helps in hair growth and prevents situations like hair loss. Not only this, but also it protects your scalp from damage that can be caused anytime by free radicals. You may also enjoy benefits like dandruff free scalp, eczema and many more. 

What Are the Ingredients That Helps in Maintaining Hair Health? 

Flaxseed for hair growth is actually popular thanks to the ingredient’s flaxseed contains. It has essential nutrients to nourish and strengthen hair.

  • Flaxseed has protein which is essential for hair structure and growth. 
  • The omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseed helps promote scalp health and improves hair elasticity. 
  • Flaxseed has necessary vitamins that support hair growth and protect against oxidative stress.
  • It also has biotin in it which is extremely necessary to keep one’s hair healthy. 
  • Zinc is also present in Flaxseed that helps in maintaining the scalp health. It further prevents hair follicle weakening. 
  • Lastly, the silica present in Flaxseed gives strength and elasticity to your hair again. 

Benefits Of Flax Seeds For Hair

Below you’ll read major benefits of Flaxseeds for hair. 

  • Flax Seeds are known to increase the elasticity of hair fibres. 
  • You’ll not struggle with minor issues like split ends. People often suffer because of split ends as it stops the hair growth. 
  • Flaxseed helps prevent premature color changing of your hair, like your hair turning grey. 
  • You’ll not suffer with itchy scalp and dandruff related issues. 
  • Since it prevents hair loss, there are less chances of hair thinning. 
  • Flax seeds make your hair strong from the roots. 

These benefits highlight the fact that flaxseed can actually help you in making you healthy. 

Ways To Use Flax Seeds for Hair

Want to know flaxseed uses for hair? Well, here you’ll read three best ways to use it for your hair growth. 

  • Make a hair mask 

You just have to grind flax seeds into powder and mix the same in water to create a thick paste. Once done, apply the mask on your scalp and hair. You have to leave your hair like that for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash your hair. 

  • Eat flaxseeds

It is very easy to incorporate flaxseed in your diet. You can begin with a morning routine by adding flaxseed in your breakfast. For example, add it in oatmean, or yogurt. Similarly, you can add them in your smoothies. If not, you can incorporate them during your lunch by sprinkling them on salad. 

  • Apply flaxseed oil. 

Lastly, you can change your oil with flaxseed oil. Massage your hair with this oil for like twice a week. You can massage for like 30 minutes. After this, you can keep your hair like that for a night and then shampoo early in the morning. Flaxseed oil benefits for hair are proven by scientists. 

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Overall, Flaxseeds can help both your overall well-being and hair health. You just have to know the right ways to use it for your benefit. Hope this article will help you with the same.