Tired of finding hair strands everywhere at home? If yes, you’re not alone. As per research, around 40% of women experience hair loss by age 40. Hair fall is a common issue and each of us wants to know the major hair fall reasons in females. And, this blog will help you explore the seven major hair fall causes in females. 

Symptoms Of Hair Fall

Experiencing a major hair fall can be distressing. But it’s essential to recognize the symptoms as only then you can work towards its management. 

Some of the common symptoms of hair fall in females include-

  • You find hair strands on your pillow
  • You notice hair fall during shower
  • You find hair tangled in the hairbrush

You just have to keep an eye out for these symptoms. 

Here Are The Major Hair Fall Reasons In Female

Now, here are some significant hair fall reasons to notice. 

1. Hormonal Changes

One of the reasons for excess hair fall in women is hormonal imbalance. This could happen at any point like puberty, pregnancy, or others. Basically, during these periods, your body goes through fluctuations in estrogen and androgen levels. This disturbs the natural hair growth cycle. It eventually leads to extra hair fall. 

2. Stress & Anxiety

Each one of us is suffering from some kind of stress. No matter whether it’s related to personal life or work life. However, many of us aren’t aware that it can seriously affect your hair health. Among the other causes of hair loss in women, one is the production of cortisol. It happens usually when your body is trying to deal with stress. It is during this time your body releases cortisol. Other than that, long-term depression or anxiety can also lead to hair fall. 

3. Lack Of Nutrition Intake

Then, one of the major sudden hair fall reasons in females is less nutrition intake in the body. These nutrients include iron, vitamins, and proteins. All these together give strength to your hair. Overall, following a well-rounded diet is necessary not only for a healthy body but also for hair. Whenever you eat something healthy, the nutrition that you’re getting in your body helps hair follicles to get thick & strong. 

4. Excess Use Of Hair Styling Tools

Women often invest in hair styling tools. It also includes trying tight hairstyles or getting chemical treatments done. All these altogether influence your hair in a bad manner. It is also because heat is not good for your hair. It leads to hair breakage and eventually thinning of your hair. That is why it is often suggested that women should not use hair styling tools often

5. Medical Conditions

Another hair loss reason females can have is certain medical conditions. These include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disorders, and others. Such medical issues can interrupt the balance of the hair growth cycle. However, it’s advised to visit your physician at such moments. 

6. Genetics

Another major cause of hair fall in women is genetics. It is possible that a close family member is facing severe hair loss. Most often, it’s your parents. If your mother has thin hair because of any other reason, there are chances for you to face hair loss. However, even in these cases, your physician can help you out. 

7. Post Pregnancy

Postpartum hair loss is among the major reasons for hair fall in women. It is because, during that time, hormonal fluctuations take place in your body. However, it’s a natural process and some medication can help in this situation. 

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Overall, hair fall in females can occur because of different reasons. Sometimes, it could be normal but many a time it can turn severe. Therefore it’s essential to understand the major causes. By doing so, it’s easy to manage the hair fall. 

Moreover, knowing the reason also helps you maintain your hair health. Regularly monitor your hair health, and if you find persistent issues, consult a doctor immediately. Remember, informed action is the key to healthier, happier hair.