You must have heard of Genital Herpes in men, but do you actually know about it? Well, if your answer to the above question is no, this blog is for you. So, keep reading this page. 

To begin with, Genital herpes is a serious health condition in mens. It is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by herpes simplex virus. One must know that Genital herpes often spreads to others via skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity. 

Wait, you’re still not sure about genital herpes men stages and other information? If so, go on reading. 

Why You May Struggle With Genital Herpes? 

The answer here is- no one knows! 

This health condition is considered dangerous because of its viral nature. Basically, Genital herpes can be caused because of two different types of herpes simplex virus, that is, HSV-1 and HSV-2. However, transmission occurs through sexual contact with an infected person majorly, even if they don’t show symptoms. 

Other than that, as above said, skin-to-skin contact can spread herpes, though it happens when the virus is active. The worst part is, once you get this disease, there’s no going back. You have to deal with it for a lifetime. 

Lastlt, stress, weakened immune system, hormonal changes, or other illnesses can trigger these outbreaks. Furthermore, since symptoms may not always be present, you might unknowingly transmit the virus to others. That is why management becomes crucial here. 

Common Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

Let’s directly get into genital herpes symptoms in men. 

Mostly when you get this disease, you get no symptoms, or very mild symptoms you end up ignoring. It happens because the symptoms start once you get this issue, basically, after. 2-12 days of exposure. 

Here are some symptoms that you may notice. 

  • Pain around genitals
  • Small bumps around mouth, anus and genitals
  • Ulcers that take place when a bump is ruptured. It may ooze blood. 
  • Scabs
  • Pain during urination
  • Discharge from urethra
  • Discharge from vagina

Now, you have to understand that, in the beginning, the symptoms you face match with flu symptoms. 

  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Swollen lymph nodes in groin
  • Fever

Sores also occur in the beginning itself. You can spread the infection if you start to touch or rub the sores. That is why, once you notice any of these symptoms in yourself, the best you can do is to immediately contact your healthcare provider. 

What Are The Possible Treatments For Genital Herpes In Men? 

Simply said, there’s no such cure for this disease. Yet, Genital herpes treatment can help in reducing its symptoms. Here’s a look below. 

  • Antiviral Medications: These medications help reduce the severity and duration of outbreaks. Moreover, these might decrease the risk of transmitting the virus to sexual partners. There are some often prescribed antiviral medications which include acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir. 
  • Pain Relief: Then there are over-the-counter pain relief pills like ibuprofen or acetaminophen that can help alleviate the discomfort caused by genital herpes sores. Apart from these, applying cool compresses or taking warm baths may provide relief.
  • Topical Treatments: Some topical ointments containing lidocaine or benzocaine can numb the affected area. Such ointment also reduces pain and itching associated with genital herpes sores. 
  • Avoiding Factors: There are certain factors like stress, illness, fatigue, and exposure to sunlight which can trigger herpes outbreaks. Therefore, it becomes important to pay attention here as well.
  • Safe Sex Practices: Consistently and correctly using condoms during sexual activity can lower the risk of transmitting genital herpes to sexual partners.
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Overall, Genital herpes is a risky condition where you have to constantly engage with your healthcare provider to know what to do next. Only your physician can tell you what’s the next step ahead. Moreover, an open communication with your partner is an added benefit in such situations. Hope this helps.