We all know what Apple cider vinegar is, but are you aware of the benefits that it offers to us? Yes, you might have heard of it helping in skincare or weight loss. Moreover, some of you may already have experienced the positive results. But, what about apple cider vinegar for hair growth? Ever thought about it? 

To those who may have done so, it might look like a myth. After all, how can ACV for hair, which comes out of apples, help benefit human hair?  But that’s not a lie as it does play a role in hair care routine. Do you wish to know more about it? If yes, keep reading.

What’s In Apple Cider Vinegar That Works for Hair?  

The idea of using apple cider vinegar for hair growth isn’t just a myth! It’s actually backed by science. People must know that ACV contains multiple such nutrients and natural acids that work wonders for hair. 

Let’s begin with talking about Acetic acid. It basically helps balance the pH levels of your scalp. In simple words, when the pH is balanced for your scalp, it’s an excellent environment that promotes hair growth and health. 

Then, apple cider for hair contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin B, and potassium. These nutrients nourish the hair follicles. This then promotes stronger and healthier hair growth. Nevertheless, potassium is key as it helps strengthen hair strands in the best way possible. Furthermore, it reduces hair breakage and split ends. 

The acidic nature of ACV also helps in removing buildup from hair products and environmental pollutants. This unclogs the hair follicles and promote better circulation to the scalp. Last but not least, ACV possesses antimicrobial properties that can fight scalp conditions like dandruff and fungal infections. 

Well, now that you know what makes apple vinegar for hair excellent, let’s quickly get into its benefits. 

Surprising Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

In this section, you’ll read the apple cider vinegar benefits for hair

  • Apple cider vinegar fosters scalp health. It basically provides a plethora of healing properties for the scalp. For example, we all experience dandruff issues which happen because of too much yeast build up. But applying a hair mask containing ACV can solve the dandruff problems. 
  • ACV can make sure that you don’t lose your natural hair color easily. It helps your cuticles and assures color vibrancy of your hair. 
  • Applying an ACV mask ensures you get smooth, detangled hair. It is because it strengthens your hair shafts strongly. 
  • If you have curly or wavy hair, ACV can improve curl definition by reducing frizz and adding shine. It helps to define the natural pattern of curls. 
  • ACV has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe scalp irritation and reduce redness or itchiness caused by conditions like psoriasis or eczema. 
  • It acts as a natural clarifying agent. Therefore, it removes buildup from hair products and environmental pollutants. 
  • By unclogging hair follicles and promoting better circulation to the scalp, ACV can help prevent hair loss. 
  • Lastly, ACV acts as a natural conditioner. It makes your hair soft, smooth, and manageable. 

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Bottom Line

Overall, apple cider vinegar is among the top home remedies that one can add in their hair care routine. The best part is it’s easily available and affordable. So, once you have it, you can create hair masks in your own desired way. 

In other words, in a world where hair problems are becoming more challenging to deal with, ACV comes in front as a natural remedy to help those who are struggling. Also, it is better than many chemical-contained shampoos and conditioners. So, are you ready to use apple cider vinegar for hair right now?